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Detailed information for advanced users.

  1. General Information·
  2. Tips & Tricks·
  3. Image Management·
  4. Using Display P3 color·
  5. Adobe illustrator
  6. Errors & Troubleshooting
  7. Sending Email with Svija
  8. External Resources

  1. General Information·
    1. The Rem Unit
    2. SVG Authoring Software
    3. Understanding the REM unit
    4. Add a Custom Domain Name
    5. Installing Svija Directly
    6. Changing Your Website Address
    7. Managing Users
  2. Tips & Tricks·
    1. Easily reset the ruler origin (0,0 coordinates)
    2. Killer Shortcuts
    3. Add Keyboard Shortcuts to Svija Tools
  3. Image Management·
    1. Placed Image Sizes
    2. Why save high-quality images at reduced resolution?
    3. Converting High Quality Images
    4. Working With Images’
    5. Images
  4. Using Display P3 color·
    1. Using P3 Color in Illustrator·
    2. Using P3 Color with Bitmapped Images·
  5. Adobe illustrator
    1. An Illustrator document must contain at least two layers
    2. Using alt-eyedropper tool to apply styles
    3. Setting New Document Defaults
    4. Don’t use the “All Caps” button
    5. Kerning must be set to Zero
    6. Desktop & Mobile Document Widths
    7. Shift-click to sample colors for a gradient
    8. Placed PDF’s may not contain placed bitmapped images
    9. SVG Decimal Places
    10. Don’t use _ in layer names
    11. Hidden Layers will be Hidden
    12. Don’t use transparency in gradients in placed Ai’s or PDF’s
    13. Pasted text does not retain paragraph style
    14. Non-printing Illustrator Layers
    15. How to use Hard Spaces in Adobe Illustrator
    16. Placed Illustrator files are embedded, not linked
    17. Illustrator Layers and SVG Object ID’s
    18. Installing Illustrator Scripts
    19. Mac shortcuts for AI scripts
    20. at least two layers
    21. Potential Illustrator Issues
    22. Large Canvas in Illustrator
    23. Unsupported Illustrator Techniques & Workarounds·
  6. Errors & Troubleshooting
    1. Potential Issues
    2. Site Inaccessible via 4G
    3. Styles with Stroked Text not copied correctly
    4. “Can’t open the illustration” error in Illustrator
    5. Missing Gradient in Firefox
    6. Don’t use accents in image names
    7. Known Issues
    8. Microsoft & SVG
    9. OnLoad Does Not Work
    10. A masked image does not appear the first time a page is loaded
    11. Illustrator won’t save SVG file
    12. Safari screws up text spacing
    13. The Limits of Adobe Illustrator
    14. Potential Issues
    15. 16″ Macbook Pro
    16. Error: “Svija Sync 1.1.5.command” cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer
    17. Seeking Solutions
  7. Sending Email with Svija
    1. Using Gmail to send Email
    2. Using Gmail to send Email
  8. External Resources
    1. Useful or Interesting Links
    2. Sources of SVG Art

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