16″ Macbook Pro

Updated 28 August, 2020

Illustrator Crashes in 16″ Macbook Pro

There is a known issue where Adobe Illustrator crashes frequently on the 16-inch Macbook Pro.

OpenGL is being deprecated, causing stability issues around GPU rendering (Adobe thread).

The fix requires installing a pre-release version of Adobe Illustrator that includes Metal support. Metal is Apple’s new graphics-rendering engine, much faster and more stable than OpenGL. 

Installing the Pre-release Version of Adobe Illustrator

Go to this page and request to participate in the pre-release program:

You must be connected to an Adobe account for the link to work. More information.

Download and install the following file:

  • Illustrator 24.3 Metal Build 3

This version does not overwrite your existing version of Illustrator; both can be installed at the same time.

Existing preferences and shortcuts will not be retained, but these can be copied between the preference folders at:

/Users/YourName/Library/Preferences/Adobe Illustrator 24 Settings/en_US
/Users/YourName/Library/Preferences/Adobe Illustrator 25 Settings/en_US

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