Add a Link to Email or Telephone Number

Adding a link to an email address or a telephone number is similar to adding a link to a web page.

First, open the Attributes panel, then choose Image Map: Rectangle, then fill out the URL:

Email Link

You can create a link that will simply cause the visitor’s email program to open by using the URL:


Or you can add a subject and body to the email:

mailto:name@domain.com?subject=A new email!&body=I'd like more information

There are two things to be aware of:

  • using accented characters will cause an error when the page loads
  • other characters such as quotes, plus signs etc., may also cause issues

Be sure to test your page once you’ve configured the link.

Telephone Link

A telephone link is the same but simpler:


This will cause the telephone or computer to initiate a call if possible.

WhatsApp Chat Link

A WhatsApp link will open a web page. Make sure to add /n to your trigger so that your visitor won’t navigate away from your website.

To link to a WhatsApp chat:


Do not include +, 00, parentheses or spaces. Do include the country code at the beginning of the number.

As with email, you can add a pre-written message:

https://wa.me/33651997399?text=help I can't download my site

WhatsApp documentation page


You should test your link. If it doesn’t work:

  • verify that there no accented characters (é, à etc.) in the link
  • try changing any spaces to %20 (the encoded version of a space)
  • try simplifying the link as much as possible to get it working, then add back what you have removed