Known Issues

  • Firefox: clicking on an anchor tag to scroll to the top of the page scrolls horizontally to 0 when it should only scroll vertically to 0
  • Safari: the first time the first page loads, the menu is too small and in the wrong place
  • The mail form should keep message contents in cookie if sending fails
  • When page is zoomed with cmd +, the menu does not stay the same size
  • Safari: If a user sets the default page zoom to anything other than 100% the site will not load correctly.
  • There is confusion about the role of the base package in the mobile version of a svija site
  • This page may contain an error.
  • iPad pro flickered a lot on scrolling (horizontal, w/keyboard)
  • if one zooms out too much, menu gets smaller without page getting smaller
  • tabindex doesn’t work to tab to the send button on Safari
  • IE has a bug where changing a placed PDF’s opacity to 0 causes a mouseout if the mouse is over it. Check if this affects links.

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