Seeking Solutions

Updated 19 May, 2020

Seeking Solutions

Some technical challenges that we have not yet found the answer to.

Transparent gradients in placed PDF images

When a placed PDF contains a gradient with transparency, the gradient becomes opaque when the final SVG is exported.

Current workaround: embed the PDF instead of linking to it.

Using P3 Color

Modern Macbooks and iMacs are capable of displaying color in the P3 color space.

This is much richer than the internet default sRGB color space.

The following only works on an Apple screen:

The difference can be seen when a web page is visited in Firefox (P3 color) and Chrome or Safari (sRGB color) side by side.

Here is an example that will show, in Safari, what is possible with sRGB and P3:brightest possible color in sRGBbrightest possible color in P3

brightest possible color in sRGB

brightest possible color in P3

Source code:


#box1 { height:100px;
background-color: #C0FF00; }
#box2 { height:100px;
background-color: color(display-p3 .75 1 0); }


‹div id="box1"›brightest possible color in sRGB‹/div›
‹div id="box2"›brightest possible color in P3‹/div›

What we are looking for is a way to specify that P3 colors should be used by default when possible.

So far, it is possible only to define individual colors to use the P3 color space.

Placed Text

It is possible to edit text in Microsoft Word then import it into Illustrator while keeping the formatting intact.

However, results are inconsistent; frequently fonts are changed to defaults, and imported text does not automatically take on the correct style, even if the style names are the same.

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