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Illustrator & Links

Illustrator manages links through the Attributes panel (menu Window › Attributes):

You can turn any object into a link just by selecting it, then choosing Rectangle and entering the destination URL.

Two Types of Links

Links to pages on your site begin with/ and do not include the name of your site.

Links to other websites use the full web address, including https://.

Keep Links on the Triggers Layer

Keep links on the layer called triggers near the top of the Illustrator document:

This avoids two potential complications in using links in Illustrator:

  • for linked objects, the link is not visible except in the Attributes panel
  • if another object is placed on top of the linked object, the link will not work

A Bright Color

Use brightly-colored rectangles (30% transparency) on the triggers layer:

This makes it easy to know where links are.

Naming Links

To be compatible with Svija Vibe, link objects need to be named in the Layers panel:


To enable overlapping animations, Svija Vibe makes all links unclickable unless they are named in this manner. Mouse refers to the fact that clicking a link is a mouse-based action.

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