Page is Missing or Black

You have created a new page, but when you visit ityou see only black, white or gray.

This is either because the SVG file for the page is missing or because there is no mobile version.

Does the SVG file exist?

Open the folder sync/Svija/SVG Files and check if the SVG file is present:

  • if it’s for a computer screen, it will be called MyPage_cp.ai
  • if it’s for a mobile screen, it will be called MyPage_mb.ai

If the SVG file exists, there are two possibilities

  • it hasn’t been uploaded, and you need to run Svija Sync
  • it has a different Illustrator file name from the one you set in the Page settings

Illustrator file names are case sensitive, so verify that the Illustrator file in Page settings matches exactly the Illustrator file in the Finder.

If the SVG file doesn’t exist, then you need to save it with Svija Tools.

Missing Mobile Version

The first time you visit a Svija site in a given browser, the mobile version is loaded first.

If you’re visiting from a computer, your browser will immediately request the Computer version.

Afterwards, only the computer version will be sent.

Because of this, if your first visit is to a page with no mobile version, you will get an error that the page doesn’t exist.

To fix this issue:

  • create a mobile version of the page in Svija Cloud (you don’t have to create the Illustrator file), or
  • visit a page with a mobile version before visiting the page in question

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