Svija Sync

Svija Sync is a very simple program — it does two things:

  1. download all website files once
  2. upload changed website files continuously

Main Window

The main window controls are largely self evident:

The shortcut icons function as follows:

  • Site · opens the selected site in the browser · shortcut S
  • Cloud · opens Svija Cloud in the browser · shortcut C
  • Cache · shows the most recent version to your visitors · shortcut A
  • Folder · opens the project folder in the Finder
  • Answers · opens this website in the browser


Websites are configured in the preferences screen. You can access it by:

  • navigation to the menu Svija Sync › Preferences
  • typing cmd-comma

The first time you launch Svija Sync, you’ll need to choose a nickname.

The nickname is used to show a notification about who has last modified the website.

The nickname can be anything you like:

  • your first name
  • the name of your computer
  • anything else

Choosing a Project Folder

When you add or modify a website, you will be asked to choose a project folder.

If you want to change the location of the project folder, clicking Modify then Set Folder will enable you to select the new folder:

The project folder is where all your website files will live.

Not the Sync Folder

The project folder contains everything that you need to work on your site, including a folder called sync.

Only the “sync” folder is kept synchronized with your website. Any other files in the project folder are only on your computer.

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