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Svija requires Illustrator 27.9 or earlier.

With Adobe Illustrator 28.4 on March 26th, 2024, Adobe significantly changed the format of exported SVG files.

If you have already updated, you can install a previous version of Illustrator via the Creative Cloud app.

Tech Support

The fastest way to get help is to search:

This is the Svija documentation site — the main Svija website is at svija.com.

If you came to this page because you have a specific problem, you might want to start with the FAQ/Frequent Issues page.

1. Getting Started

—› Start using Svija quickly and easily

2. How do I…

—› How to accomplish basic tasks

3. The Programs

—› A detailed look at Sync, Tools, Cloud and Vibe

4. Reference

—› Detailed information for advanced users

5. Support

—› Support resources including our contact information

Don’t know what Svija does?

Visit exopix.fr for a beautiful example!

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