Module is Missing From Page

You have created a new module, but it doesn’t appear on the page.

Check Your Settings

Module settings:

  • enabled is checked
  • always include is checked if appropriate
  • module is set to correct section and screen
  • Illustrator file matches the name of the Illustrator file

Page settings:

  • default modules is checked (in More Settings) or
  • correct module is selected under modules

Illustrator settings:

  • the artboard name matches the correct screen code
  • the correct SVG file should be in sync/Svija/SVG Files
  • the SVG file should be named Illustratorfile_screencode.svg
  • try Check & Repair to find errors

Check the Page Source

You can see view the page source to see if the SVG file is supposed to be included in the page according to your settings, and if it is actually in the page.

  1. load the web page
  2. enable Developer Tools (Safari only)
    Settings › Advanced › Show Develop menu in menu bar
  3. control-click or right-click on page and choose View Source or Show Source
  4. search for the word missing or
  5. search for <svg

Case 1: the SVG File is listed as missing

If the SVG file is missing, there will be a note in the page source that it is missing:

<!-- missing svg: /sync/Svija/SVG Files/Graphics_cp.svg -->

If this is the case:

  • verify that the name of the Illustrator file in the module settings matches the real Illustrator file
  • verify that the artboard name matches the screen code of the given page
  • capitalization matters

Case 2: the SVG File is Included

If the Illustrator file is present in the source code but not showing up on the page, then there are two possibilities:

  • it is positioned beyond the edge of the page, where it is not visible
  • there is no visible content in the module

To see if it is positioned off the side of the page, try changing the position settings in the module settings (floating vs. attached, pixel offset etc.).

To check if the module has visible content, create a new layer and draw a filled rectangle in the middle of the artboard, then resave the module.

Case 3: the SVG File is neither Included or missing

If the SVG file is not included and there is no note that it is missing, then there is a problem with the parameters of the module — according to your settings, it is not supposed to be included.

You can either include the module by checking always include in its settings, or by adding it under modules in page settings.

Remember to verify if default modules is checked in page settings › other settings. This will affect whether always include modules will be included.

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