Adobe’s SVG format change

If you have been using Svija since before July 2024, please read this article.

With version 28 of Illustrator, in April 2024, Adobe significantly modernized the format of exported SVG files.

Svija 2.2.29, released on 4 July 2024, makes Svija compatible with all versions of Illustrator from 17 onwards.

If you are actively working on your website, it will be updated to the new version of Svija.

Modules have been renamed to Components for compatibility with Figma.

Changes for existing Svija users

Steps to update to the new version of Svija:

If you have completed these steps and are unable to connect to your website, contact us and we’ll update your site immediately.

Svija Vibe & Svija Cloud

It may be necessary to enable the correct versions of Svija Vibe and the Svija Cloud domponent in Svija Cloud.

In Svija Cloud:

  • navigate to Script Sets and make sure that Svija Vibe 1.0.25 or later is enabled, and that earlier versions are disabled
  • navigate to Components and make sure that Svija Cloud 1.0.4 or later is enabled, and that earlier versions are disabled

WOFF Font Changes

The new version of Svija Cloud has introduced a change in how WOFF fonts are handled:

  • it is now necessary to fill out the Weight and Style fields for WOFF fonts

For the moment, this must be done manually:

  • weight should be filled with a number from the list on this page
  • style should be either Normal or Italic

If you notice that fonts are “too bold” or “too italic”, this is the issue — the weight or italic character is being applied twice.

Correctly filling out the font information will correct the issue.

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