Add a New Image

To add an image to one of your pages, we’ll follow the same steps we did to change some text:

  1. Launch Svija Sync and click Upload
  2. Click on the Svija Cloud icon and make sure you’re signed in
  3. Click on the Folder icon to reveal home.ai in the sync folder

Placing the Image

Once you have home.ai open in Illustrator, you’ll need to unlock one of the green content layers to place the image.

Now you’ll place a new image:

  • menu File › Place…
  • navigate to the Links folder next to home.ai
  • choose any image

VERY IMPORTANT: all images must be in the “Links” folder that accompanies the Illustrator file.

You can check this by clicking Relink Images in the Svija Tools panel.

Click Save in Svija Tools.

Was the Website Updated?

Go back to your browser and refresh the page. You should see the image that you placed in Illustrator.

If the change was not made, there are two possibilities:

  1. you need to wait a few seconds due to connection speed
  2. you are not currently signed in to Svija Cloud at yoursite.com/a

To check:

  • visit a different website to make sure your internet connection is working
  • click on the big black button in Svija Sync to verify that you are still signed in to Svija Cloud

Ending the Session

To end the design session, click Pause in Svija Sync.

You’ve successfully replaced an image!

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