Using Modules

Modules are Illustrator files that only cover part of a page:

  • headers
  • footers
  • banners
  • popups
  • anything else you can think of

Modules can be set to display on every page or only on one or a few specific pages.

To add a new module, open Svija Cloud, navigate to modules, and click ADD MODULE:

As with pages, the artboard name must correspond to a screen code (mb or cp by default).

If you check Always include (on the first line of settings, above), the module will be included by default on every page with the same screen size in the same section.

Otherwise, the module can be included via Page settings for specific pages.

Module Placement

  • Position: whether the module will scroll with the page, or float in place when the page is scrolled
  • Relative to: which corner the module position will be based on

Horizontal and vertical offset work according to the Illustrator coordinate system:

  • positive values move down/right
  • negative values move up/left

Pages in this section:

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