What’s a Module?

    Each page of a Svija site is composed of one or more SVG files.

    In addition to the main page content, additional content can be added, shared by multiple pages:

    • menus
    • footers
    • banners
    • alerts
    • temporary content (promotions, sales etc.)

    This content can be included via the use of modules.

    A module is essentially a tiny reusable page.

    Managing Modules: Content and Behavior

    The content and behavior of modules is managed in:

    • Cloud › Modules

    Each module is listed along with its content and extra scripts:

    • SVG file
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript

    Managing Modules: Display

    There are two ways to manage module display:

    1. module settings: logically, each module is meant for:
    • language
    • platform (desktop or mobile)

    Modules are principally managed in the their settings (Cloud › Modules).

    On the settings page for each module, it is possible to specify the appropriate screen and language, and whether the module shold be shown by default.

    1. the page: sometimes more granular control over module display is needed.

    In the settings for each page, it is possible to:

    • add specific modules to the page
    • suppress any default modules that would appear with the page

    Pages in this section:

    1. What’s a Module?
    2. Module Formats·
    3. Add a New Module·
    4. Display a Module·
    5. Position a Module·

    Next Steps sections:

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