Downloading Your Website

N.B. We have made these instructions as simple as possible.
If you have ideas for making the process easier, please email hello@svija.com.

1. Configure WinSCP

Open WinSCP and enter the information from your Svija email:

  • Click the arrow to the right of the Save ▼ button and choose Set Defaults
  • Click the green Login ▼ button to connect to your site
  • Choose Yes ▼ when asked “Continue connecting to an unknown server?”

At this point, you should see your documents in the left pane and your website files in the right pane:

2. Download Your Website Files

In the left pane of WinSCP, navigate to where you’d like to store your website, then:

  • create a folder (F7) with the name of the website (example.svija.site)
  • create a folder inside that called sync
  • double-click until you are inside the sync folder

To download your website, select everything in the right pane except the “..” and drag it to the left pane:

3. Save the Configuration

Type ctrl-N to bring up the Login window, then

  • select your website
  • click the Advanced button
  • in the left column choose Directories

Fill out the directories as follows:

  • Remote: /home/example/sync
    replace “example” with your Connect ID
  • Local: click and navigate to the sync folder from the previous section
  • check Synchronize browsing
  • click OK

4. Sync with WinSCP

To start synching with WinSCP:

  • menu Commands › Keep Remote Directory up to Date…
  • or Ctrl-U

During your first synchronization, choose the following options:

Click Start to start synchronization. At the end of the session click Stop:

Simplifying the Interface

The WinSCP interface is very cluttered. To simplify it, uncheck everything under the following menus:

  • Options › Toolbars
  • Options › Left Panel
  • Options › Right Panel
  • in Options, only Tabs should be checked

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