Changing Your Website Address

When you sign up for Svija, you are given a random website address.

A custom address is free — you just have modify your home page at least once.

Once you’ve updated your website:

  • send an email to support@svija.com
  • include your current website address
  • request a name of the form ___.svija.art, ___.svija.live, or ___ .svija.site

If you already own a custom domain name, email support@svija.com and we’ll help you set it up.

Note: this may involve creating a paid account — we’ll let you know before you decide.

Pages in this section:

  1. SVG Authoring Software
  2. Understanding the REM unit
  3. The Rem Unit
  4. Z Index & Load Order
  5. Using a Custom Domain Name
  6. Changing Your Website Address
  7. Managing Users
  8. Organizing Files

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