How Fonts Work

When you use a font in Adobe Illustrator, it will be added in the Fonts section of Svija Clour the first time the page is visited:

When it is first added, you will see SOURCE NEEDED in the WOFF filename column.

For the font to start working, click on it and either:

  1. check the Google Font box, or
  2. add a WOFF version of the fonts in sync/Svija/Fonts/WOFF Files and enter the filename in the WOFF filename field

NEVER CHANGE “SVG NAME”: The SVG name is the CSS reference inside the SVG file.

N.B.: for WOFF files, the Family and WeightStyle fields have no significance — you can use them to organize your fonts.

Pages in this section:

  1. How Fonts Work
  2. Google Fonts
  3. TTF & OTF Fonts

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