Google Fonts

Google fonts should work automatically if the following boxes are both checked:

  • Google font
  • Include

If the Font Doesn’t Work

Usually the font will work once both boxes are checked. If this is not the case, there are two possible issues

Replace the WeightStyle Value with a Number

It is sometimes necessary to replace the WeightStyle value with a number. Google seems to prefer numbers to weight names. Here are the most common equivalents:

  • 100 · Thin
  • 200 · Extra-Light
  • 300 · Light
  • 400 · Regular
  • 500 · Medium
  • 600 · Semi-Bold
  • 700 · Bold
  • 800 · Extra-Bold
  • 900 · Black

If you want the font to be italic, just add it before or after the weight, separated by a space: 600 italic

Capitalization and Spacing

Some fonts have unusual capitalization or spacing. If a font is not working, it may be because Family is missing a space or has an extra space. For example:

  • try changing OpenSans to Open Sans
  • try changing Ko Ho to KoHo

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