Embedded Images

Svija cannot use embedded images.

Fortunately, you can use Svija Tools to un-embed images:

Clicking on Relink Images will search for the original images and copy them to the links folder.

If the original cannot be found, the image will be highlighted in yellow.

Repairing Missing Images

To repair an embedded image that could not be located:

  • select the image in Illustrator
  • open the Links panel (Window › Links)
  • in the flyout menu, select unembed image (three lines in the top right corner of the panel)

This will create a Photoshop file that you can then re-save as a .jpg or .png and place in your document.

Pages in this section:

  1. Placed Image Sizes
  2. Why save high-quality images at reduced resolution?
  3. Converting High Quality Images
  4. A Folder Called Links
  5. Pixel Images
  6. Add a New Image
  7. Vector Images
  8. Embedded Images
  9. Working With Images’
  10. Images

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