Using alt-eyedropper tool to apply styles

Suppose that you want to use the eyedropper to modify parts of a text block but not the whole block. For example, to change the font on a bunch of different header lines or to change a bunch of words to italic.

You can’t activate the eyedropper while you’re editing, but you can get the same utility using the option key, applying it to specific words or phrases, while skipping around the document.

It’s actually easier than the intuitive option – you don’t have to navigate to get to the text you want to format.

Using the option key:

  • deselect everything
  • press i for the eyedropper
  • sample the text with the formatting you want to apply
  • press alt/option (the icon changes orientation)
  • drag the eyedropper over the word or text you want to format, as if you were selecting it.

Note: the selection will be invisible, but the text formatting will be updated.


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