The Limits of Adobe Illustrator

Updated 14 November, 2019

The Limits of Adobe Illustrator

Certain capacities of Adobe Illustrator are not natively available in the SVG format.

In most cases there is a workaround.

Use browser search (cmd/ctrl-F) to find specific information on this page.


When an SVG is exported, the mesh is exported alongside as a PNG file.

This PNG file is not uploaded correctly by the Svija sync engine.

Workaround: save once as an SVG, then move the PNG file to the Links folder and use it to replace the mesh.

Keep the mesh on a non-printing layer for future use.

Multiple Font Weights on a Single Line

Because Safari does not scale text evenly with window size, multiple font weights on a single line will create the impression that there is either too much or not enough space between the words where the weight changes.

Workaround: text on a path does not suffer from this issue, and paragraphs can be made by continuing the text element from one line to the next.

Kerning & Tracking

Kerning and tracking values are ignored when an SVG is created.

Workaround: convert text to outlines.

Multiple Artboards

The Save All as SVG script saves multiple artboards as a single SVG with the upper left corner defined by the 0,0 coordinates in the Illustrator document.

Workaround: manually save the document as an SVG, checking the box that says Use Artboards.

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