Using Gmail to send Email

To send email from a Svija site, go to the Site Settings in the admin pages:


Click on the name of your site, and then MAIL PARAMETERS (SHOW). You’ll see the following settings:

  • Username for sending email
  • Password for sending email
  • Server for sending email
  • Email server port
  • Use TLS

You can use any Gmail account for these settings. To get started, visit:


Under Security › Signing in to Google enable 2-Step Authentification.

Then visit 2-Step Authentification › App Passwords (at the bottom). This won’t be visible until 2-Step Authentification is turned on.

Click the link that says To create a new app specific password, type a name for it below….

Under Select app, choose Other (custom name) and enter the name of your site. The exact details aren’t important — it’s just a reminder for future reference.

The password will appear in the following format:

lkdu euqg beim eijw

Copy this password and paste it into your site settings under Password for sending email (remove the spaces).

Fill in the other settings as follows:

  • Username for sending email: the full gmail address
  • Password for sending email: the Google app password
  • Server for sending email: smtp.gmail.com
  • Email server port: 587
  • Use TLS: check this box

Did It Work?

To check if email can be sent from your website, go to:

https://your website/send?to=your email address

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