Scroll Trigger Not Working As Expected

You are using scroll triggers with Svija Vibe and they are not working as expected:

  • they don’t work at all
  • they behave as if they are positioned differently from where they really are

The problem arises because sometimes when you move objects on the page, Illustrator retains the original position then applies a subsequent correction called a transformation.

The Problem

You draw a box, then move it and scale it.

Instead of the box taking on the new properties, Illustrator stores the original shape plus your modifications.

Internally this looks like:

  • 10x20px box at coordinates 100px, 50px
  • transform: right 100px, scale 300% vertically

Instead of:

  • 10x60px box at coordinates 200px, 50px

Scroll triggers use the actual box coordinates, not the box+transformation coordinates.

The Solution

The solution is trivially easy:

  • using the direct selection tool (white arrow, A), select one corner of the trigger
  • using the up and down arrows on the keyboard, move the point up then down

This is sufficient to force Illustrator to recreate the object with the correct coordinates.

See also Missing Images in Clipping Masks.

keywords: scrolling, trigger, triggers, broken, behavior, wrong, unexpected, scrub, point, zone, animation