Preparing Your Site for Publication

When you are ready to publish your website there are a number of things you’ll need to do to get ready:

  1. enable caching so your site loads more quickly
  2. optimize page and section titles
  3. create Google search results text
  4. allow Google to index your website
  5. tell Google about your website

1. Enable Caching

Caching will radically speed up access to your website.

With caching your web pages are built ahead of time instead of constructed on the fly with each page request.

When you make changes to your web pages, they won’t be visible for 24 hours unless you click the Clear Cache button in Svija Sync or click Clear Cache in Svija Cloud.

Once caching is activated, you will see the latest version of your website only when you are logged in to Svija Cloud.

To enable caching:

2. Optimize Page & Section Titles

Your page and section titles are helpful to your visitors, and they’re critically important in making sure your website is correctly indexed.

Your titles should contain the your most important keywords. If your website has a regional focus, make sure to include that in the title.

To set page titles:

  • Svija Cloud › Pages › Title (2nd line, after “address”)

To set section titles:

  • Svija Cloud › Sections › Section Title (3rd line, under black bar)

3. Create Search Results Text

WARNING: if you add text that is not present in your Illustrator files, your website may be blocked by Google.

SVG files are indexed by Google, but sometimes the text in Google results is presented out of order or with missing spaces.

To control what people see in Google results, and help Google understand your content, you can add text using Accessibility settings.

You will be copying all the text from Illustrator to the Accessibility settings for each page.

To add accessibility text:

  • Svija Cloud › Pages › More Settings (Show ▶) › Accessibility content
  • paste the text (from Illustrator) into the Svija Cloud text field
  • correct any problems with text order, capitalization etc.
  • use the formatting controls to structure the text (optional — helps Google ranking)

It can be laborious to manage the accessibility content via Svija Cloud — there is an easier way.

The following technique allows you to keep a library of search results text in your sync folder:

  1. open https://html-online.com/editor/ in a browser tab
  2. delete all the content in the left pane
  3. copy all the text from your Illustrator page and paste it into the left pane
  4. format it as you wish
  5. copy the HTML code from the right-hand pane into a new text file (in TextEdit or Notepad)
  6. save it at sync/SVIJA/Accessibility/[page name].html
  7. in the accessibility settings for that page in Svija Cloud, enter the name of the text file ([page name].html)

When you wish to update the page, you can paste the HTML code into the right-hand pane then edit it on the left side.

4. Allow Google to Index Your Website

Your website probably already allows indexing, but you should check.

To allow Google indexing:

  • Svija Cloud › URL & Settings › Robots.txt › “Indexed by Google”

5. Tell Google About Your Website

Google needs to know about your website in order to index it.

When you are ready, we will add a link to your website from one of our own websites which is regularly crawled.

To submit your website to Google:

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