URL & Settings

These are the most general settings affecting your entire website.

In general, you’ll set them once at the beginning then never touch them.

Delete & Save as new: do not delete your website settings or create new website settings.

Save and continue editing: save changes without returning to the settings list.

Close: return to settings list without saving changes.

Save: save changes and return to settings list.

History: list of past modifications to the settings.

Site Address: the url at which the site can be visited, without the https://

Online: whether the site is visitable or not

Use “Display P3” color space: causes all Illustrator artwork to use the Display P3 color space for displaying pages. This results in exceptionally rich and vibrant colors (more information).

Analytics ID: if you are using Google Analytics, enter the ID here.

Cookies allowed by default: allows the website to use cookies (like Google Analytics) without the user having clicked on a warning.

Default Section: which section of the website will be show by default.

Robots.txt: which robots.txt file will be included by default. This will either allow or block Google from crawling the website.

Email Sending

Settings are used to configure a mail account for sending email from your website.

Typically, this will be a Gmail account that is configured just for your website (more information).

Email username: email address

Email password: password for the email address

Email server: SMTP server used to send email

Email server port: port used by SMTP server

Use TLS: Transport Layer Security is a standard internet protocol that encrypts email for privacy and secure delivery. This is required to use a Gmail address.