Script Sets

Script Sets are sets of scripts that are included by default or via page settings.

They are useful when you want to add functionality to your website, whether it’s to every page or selected pages.

For example, if you need to add code for a Facebook Pixel, you can do it here. You can also add code for tracking your visitors if you don’t want to use Google Analytics.

By default, script sets are used for Svija Vibe and for your contact form.

Name: name of script set.

Enabled: whether script set will be included or not.

Always include: script set will be included by default. If this is unchecked, script sets can be included via page settings.

Tag: anything you like.


Scripts settings are the same in Components, Pages and Script Sets.

Enabled: whether or not the script will be included.

Name: anything you like

Type: the type of script and where it will be included.

  • CSS: stylesheet · loaded before page
  • head JS: javascript · loaded before page
  • body JS: javascript · loaded after page
  • HTML: HTML · loaded after page
  • form: HTML form · loaded after page

Load order: determines which order scripts will be loaded compared to other scripts of the same kind.

Content: the script to be used or the name of a file in SYNC/SVIJA/Scripts.

Delete: the script will be deleted when the settings are saved.