Svija Tools Changelog

Wish list & planned modifications

  • keep order when copying styles
  • handle locked sublayers better when copying layers
  • restore keyboard shortcuts
  • new tool to verify the file for unsupported techniques

2023.05.22 · 1.0.4

Major new tools, some bug fixes:

  • ★ new tool Create Group for animation
  • ★ new tool Check & Repair (replaces Relink Images)
  • ★ new panel Animation Tips
  • save confirmation now reports file sizes
  • bug fixed where panel didn’t remember view (less/more)

2022.09.29 · 1.0.3

Adobe Exchange Version:

  • no changes

2022.05.05 · 1.0.2

A single modification to make utilisation simpler:

  • added a check to prevent users from saving with embedded images

2021.10.13 · 1.0.1

Updated for new Svija file hierarchy:

  • SVG files and other Svija-specific content are all kept in sync/Svija
  • choice of simple and advanced interfaces
  • new tool to import styles

2021.03.21 · 1.0.0

First version as Illustrator CEP panel

  • scripts to save, save all, save all & close, and duplicate layers
  • script to reset broken image links
  • help panel

Previous versions were written in extendscript and executed via the File menu.

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