Svija Sync Changelog

Wish list & planned modifications

  • better tab navigation
  • custom sync folder and Svija folder icons
  • better verification of file hierarchy before uploading

2021.10.13 · 1.0.3

Updated for new Svija file hierarchy:

  • SVG files and other Svija-specific content are all kept in sync/Svija
  • the Set Up icon has been replaced with an Answers icon

2021.09.03 · 1.0.2

Major update with many new features

  • icons for launching the site, opening the local folder, and clearing the cache
  • clarified instructions for selecting a local folder
  • site list is now alphabetized
  • main panel defaults to the last selected website
  • there is no default website
  • the news view now permits text styles

2021.03.27 · 1.0.1

Bug fix

  • fixed a bug where connection was impossible if the .last file was missing on server

2021.03.7 · 1.0.1

First Mac app

  • funcionality matches the previous bash script version
  • many more edge cases are now handled

Previous versions were written in shell script for macOS.

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