Redirects are a way to easily forward one address to another.

They usually serve three purposes:

  • making sure an old address still works once a page has moved
  • redirecting visitors to a deleted page to a different page
  • providing a shortcut to easily access a more complex address (yoursite.com/c redirects to yoursite.com/cloud/svija/ for example).

Old URL: the part you will type in the address bar after your main site address.

If you want to type yoursite.com/g to go to yoursite.com/my-most-excellent-gazpacho-recipe, you’ll enter /g in this field.

New URL: where you want to end up.

If you want to go to a page in your website, enter /pagename (or /section/pagename if it’s not in the default section).

If you want to go to a different website, enter the entire address: https://adifferentwebsite.com/someotherpage.