Svija Cloud Changelog

Wish list & planned modifications

  • AI script to save SVG files changes all text kerning to zero
  • automatic backups with each sync
  • automatically resize images to correct resolution

2024.04.03 · 2.2.27

Emergency update to accept SVG’s created with Illustrator 28.4.1:

  • accept the new SVG format exported by Adobe Illustrator

2024.01.02 · 2.2.26

Bug fixes and technical improvements:

  • added googlebot specific code to fix errors in Search Console
  • fixed CSS for unsupported visitors (IE, no cookies, no script)
  • a cookie with invalid screen code no longer breaks site
  • the smallest screen resolution version is now show on first load
  • replaced ‘missing’ images
  • allow uppercase characters for screen code

2023.07.28 · 2.2.25

Major improvements:

  • versions of pages for alternate screens are now created automatically when page is loaded (but not Illustrator file field)
  • missing SVG’s now give an alert rather than a message in the source code
  • minified CSS & JS, making page significantly smaller

Minor improvements:

  • 50x errors now have a friendly message
  • screen codes can now be up to 20 characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, -, _)
  • module and page Illustrator filenames now add ‘.ai’ automatically if it’s missing
  • page URL’s are now trimmed to remove illegal characters
  • section › artboard code is now obligatory
  • version number in header bar now links to changelog
  • user name in header bar now links to user settings
  • script sets character limit increased from 50k to 200k characters
  • each section now has link to dedicated page at this website
  • change scripts field font to IBM Plex Mono for legibility
  • various minor text corrections for every section
  • added “always-include” to module list filter
  • added “notes” field to settings to store email password & instructions

Organizational improvements:

  • screens are now listed by artboard code
  • sections are now listed by section code
  • renamed Svija/Svija Admin to Svija/Svija Cloud
  • renamed sync/Svija to sync/SVIJA
  • renamed “screen code” to “artboard code”
  • renamed “max pixels” to “break point” in screens settings
  • Google font is no longer checked by default
  • default tag is now empty instead of “Main”

Cosmetic changes:

  • title bars are now bright in dark mode
  • Illustrator File title bar now matches Illustrator icon colors
  • fixed “are you sure” › “cancel” button colors (was black on black)

Font-related changes:

  • font SVG name, Adobe URL and Adobe stylesheet are red on mouseover
  • Adobe font familes, weights and styles are now correctly added
  • new separate field “weight” for fonts
  • Adobe CSS ID now visible in fonts list

Bug fixes:

  • bug where scripts were sometimes included twice
  • bug was fixed where modules included via page settings appeared behind other modules
  • bug where Illustrator filenames staring with a number resulted in an illegal SVG ID
  • bug where modules with incorrect screen or section where shown in page when included via page settings
  • bug where a disabled module would appear if included via page settings
  • bug where script sets were executed before module scripts, disabling the Svija Vibe “func” flag

2023.04.20 · 2.2.24

A major improvement and some bug fixes:

  • ★ added an option to the Svija Cloud module to permit working on the mobile version of a page on a computer screen
  • each section now has a “documentation” link to tech.svija.love
  • cleaned up page & module list order & filter options
  • removed default tag ‘main’
  • added a permanent field to Adobe font settings to keep the pasted Adobe link
  • fixed a bug where a module with no Illustrator file would cause an error
  • fixed a bug where an Illustrator file name starting with a number resulted in an error
  • changed the scripts font to IBM Plex Mono

2023.03.06 · 2.2.23

Two important bug fixes:

  • raised character limit of Adobe CSS from 5K to 99K characters
  • fixed a bad bug in the P3 color generation code
  • improved font chooser reliability for Adobe font CSS

2022.12.16 · 2.2.22

Several major improvements:

  • ★ new Cloud module allows easy access to Svija Cloud
  • ★ Adobe fonts can now be used
  • ★ text now scales smoothly in Safari
  • window management works much better
  • added “alt” tag to accessibility links with page title
  • “active” has been changed to “enable” throughout
  • warning message when cookies or javascript are disabled
  • warning message when visited in Internet Explorer
  • fixed bug that resulted in horizontal scrollbars on Windows

2022.09.26 · 2.2.21

Updated GSAP script to version 3.11.1 (required by Svija Vibe).

Minor usability changes:

  • changed some all-caps labels to mixed-case
  • doubled length of urls to help articles from 60 to 120 chars
  • made server port optional
  • fixed broken link to “screen sizes”
  • fixed erroneous message that section code is just two letters
  • added the word “address” to section default page

2022.08.29 · 2.2.20

Major changes:

  • Svija Vibe animation tools have been introduced
  • language has been renamed to section
  • Page Settings › Default Modules is now the opposite (checked = include defaults)
  • Page Settings › Default Scripts is now the opposite (checked = include defaults)
  • Page Settings › Default Dimensions is now the opposite (checked = use defaults)

U/I improvements & bug fixes:

  • accessibility text can now be kept in /Svija/Accessibility/subfolders
  • many bug fixes related to redirection & 404 errors
  • many U/I improvements in Cloud layout

2022.06.16 · 2.2.19

Two minor improvements:

  • it is now possible to use almost any character in file names (but and / can’t be saved by Svija Tools)
  • the dashed border with drag-and-drop instructions for Illustrator files was changed to an orange border

2022.05.18 · 2.2.18

Bug fixes for previous release:

  • fixed endless reloading issue
  • changed category to tag everywhere
  • renamed scripts to script sets

2022.05.17 · 2.2.17

Major update to simplify language handling & conversion from Illustrator to HTML/CSS:

  • ★ language code is now hidden when not necessary
  • ★ REM now equals 1 pixel not 10 pixels
  • added “always include” to script sets settings
  • added “disable default scripts” to page settings (like modules)
  • nicer arrows for expanding collapsed settings
  • accessiblity now accepts filename.txt or filename.html
  • trailing slashes eliminated (/fr/ becomes /fr)

2022.03.25 · 2.2.16

Simplified module and page settings, as well as:

  • added dashed borders to drag & drop fields
  • added drag and drop hint to page settings
  • changed CSS box-sizing to include padding & borders
  • centered log-in logo

2022.03.18 · 2.2.15

One major bug fix and a couple of minor improvements:

  • fixed a bug where windows occasionally entered a reload loop, by deleting parent-domain cookies
  • changed SOURCE-NEEDED for fonts to “———”
  • activated cookie choice popup (it was previously non-functional)

2022.03.11 · 2.2.14

Two small bug fixes:

  • fixed a bug that resulted in some pages causing an error
  • fixed a bug that caused wider than usual pages to be scrolled to the left when opened

2022.03.09 · 2.2.13

Many usability improvements:

  • changed logo link to Svija settings from global settings
  • fixed background color issue in Chrome
  • can now drag WOFF files into font settings
  • renamed Svija/Site Scripts to Svija/Scripts
  • changed cache link in header to instantaneous alert
  • added second accent color
  • simplified color scheme names for user modification
  • made Cloud logo a normal transparent PNG image
  • added sort field “category” to fonts, modules & pages

2021.12.02 · 2.2.12

Minor interface update:

  • removed sections for managing deprecated script sets

2021.12.01 · 2.2.11

Major bux fixes:

  • fixed bug where modules were added twice
  • fixed P3 color for gradients

2021.11.30 · 2.2.10

Minor updates and bug fixes:

  • simplified page reload from mobile>computer and computer>mobile for IE compatibility
  • added new script sets (more like modules) to replace old script sets which were less flexible
  • cleaned some labeling issues in Cloud
  • fixed bug in support for P3 color
  • fixed bug where caching broke CSRF cookies
  • added samesite to cookie script (after warnings in Firefox)

2021.11.05 · 2.2.9

Minor updates and bug fixes:

  • modules with wrong screen are no longer displayed
  • modules with wrong language are no longer displayed
  • modules where “active” is unchecked in page settings are no longer displayed
  • removed necessity of providing link in modules & scripts settings
  • added display order to language list

2021.10.28 · 2.2.8

Minor modifications and bug fixes:

  • added site url in Cloud top bar (instead of “visit site”)
  • changed rich text instructions for scripts & modules to link + plain text
  • enabled language codes longer than 2 letters

2021.10.23 · 2.2.7

Minor modifications and bug fixes:

  • removed meta canonical tags
  • changed language code limit from 2 to 20 characters
  • fixed bug in cookie-writing code
  • made it possible to delete languages (had been blocked by combination code)
  • renamed folder Icons to Images
  • renamed folder Admin Customization to Svija Admin
  • fixed bug in MailView that prevented reading POST data
  • added z-index back into modules, was accidentally deleted

2021.10.21 · 2.2.6

Major improvements and bug fixes:

  • the /mail program has been simplified and is no longer language dependent
  • the order of SVG files in pages has been corrected
  • dark mode in Svija Cloud now displays correctly
  • quotes are now allowed in Languages › email settings
  • the sitemap has been corrected for the new prefix system
  • 404 handling has been corrected so that there should no longer be any Error 500’s
  • removed several unused fields (help, notes, templates etc.)
  • cleaned up the path to the Illustrator file in Modules and Pages
  • changed artboard names from 300 & 1200 to mb & cp
  • fixed bug where deactivated scripts were still activated
  • created new category of settings: scripts, for things like contact form scripts
  • added a script to match the page background color to the SVG background color

2021.10.04 · 2.2.5

Major overhaul:

  • added info link to fonts settings
  • fixed module z order
  • removed the need for separate combination codes for mobile and desktop
  • screens and languages are now specified directly in pages and modules
  • the Illustrator file is listed in Page and Module settings instead of the SVG file
  • to simplify the workflow, all SVG files are in a dedicated folder
  • all Svija-related folders are now in /sync/Svija
  • Illustrator artboards must be named with the pixel width of the appropriate screen (300 or 1200)

2021.07.29 · 2.2.4

Cloud improvements and bug fixes:

  • added API so that Svija Sync will be able to clear the cache
  • Renamed names of modules used in combination codes & pages
  • Renamed module notes to instructions and made it optional
  • Made model list colors coherent
  • Replaced “screen” with “screen size” everywhere

2021.07.03 · 2.2.1-3

Cloud improvements and bug fixes:

  • modified many field names for clarity
  • added “notes” field to modules
  • added help text to each settings page
  • changed default background color to gray
  • changed logout message
  • changed default font to Open Sans

2021.05.7 · 2.2.0

Cloud improvements and bug fixes:

  • modified user tools in cloud header to allow access to cache-clearing & documentation
  • fixed bug where body JS appeared before content in source code
  • fixed bug that required modules to have CSS ID

2021.01.12 · 2.1.9

This is essentially the same as the previous version except:

  • Bug fixed where SVG’s were displayed inline instead of block, leading to spaces before footers
  • Bug fixed where module positions did not accept fractional values
  • Inverted lower/right module coordinates to reflect the system used in Illustrator

2021.01.11 · 2.1.8

There were two big changes:

  1. It is now possible to dictate the module ID directly in its Cloud page;
    it is no longer necessary to put the module ID in an Adobe Illustrator layer
  2. Modules can now be positioned directly in the module Cloud page;
    it is no longer necessary to use CSS to position modules.
  3. Visiting /en/send while logged in as an admin will send a test email
    Since email parameters are found in both Site Settings and Language, each language should be tested separately

And one bug fix:

  • A bug was fixed where contact forms would return a 403 Forbidden error

2020.11.27 · 2.1.7

This is a minor bug fix release.

  • fixed issue where some images were missing in Internet Explorer
  • fixed a broken 404-error response caused by a previous fix
  • fixed a bug where the 2nd tspan would incorrectly keep its x and y coordinates

2020.07.29 · 2.1.6

This is a bug fix and detail-oriented release.

  • Various issues related to zooming a page have been fixed
  • Fixed handling of tabs in Illustrator files
  • When there are two pages with the same slug, the first one will be used instead of causing an error
  • The same is true of modules, settings, prefixes etc.
  • The links between mobile & desktop versions (meta tag) have the appropriate http or https
  • Accessibility text, which had accidentally been excluded from the page, is now included
  • An “active” field has been added to optional scripts
  • The accessibility field was wrongly a required field, but this has been corrected
  • New fonts are automatically included
  • Fonts are now listed by whether or not they are included

2020.07.03 · 2.1.5

  • added forms & HTML to modules
  • added support for P3 color
  • added ability to change /a redirection
  • added /c to clear cache
  • added a cookie warning module
  • refresh cookies to avoid repeated warnings
  • added HTML to accessitiblity content
  • added a page to explain what’s happened if site settings are deleted
  • fixed but on Safari/Mac where reloading a page after pinch-to-zoom caused content to separate
  • updated to newest GSAP animation script

2020.04.24 · 2.1.4

This version requires migrations and modifications to settings.py

  • ★ fixed a bug where different weights of text on the same line would appear badly spaced in Safari
  • cancel button added to all Cloud pages
  • added site setting for tracking defaults to on or off
  • integrated cookie warning into template
  • recategorized main settings page for clarity
  • fixed a bug where SVG’s could not have spaces or other special characters in the name
  • reduced size of Svija Cloud logo for mobile compatibility
  • added the abillity to order commonly-used fields for easier access (language, prefix etc.)
  • made page resize on zoom much faster
  • made various changes in how information is presented (changed column order etc.)
  • removed the necessity to add all contact form info when creating a new language
  • completed change from accessibility to snippet for search engine text
  • changed display of snippet so it wouldn’t appear as a gray flash

2020.03.19 · 2.1.3

This version requires migrations.

  • included French help content by default
  • added ability to change Cloud highlight color
  • fixed bug where deleting a module used in a page was impossible
  • added ability to use local fonts
  • added ability to clear the cache from page and module Cloud pages
  • fixed a bug where the “id homepage” layer in Illustrator needed to be visible for the page to render correctly
  • various other minor bug fixes

2020.02.14 · 2.1.2

This version requires migrations.

  • fixed bug where modules were drawn before supplementary HTML
  • added a checkbox “clear cache on next visit” to modules & pages (not yet active)
  • updated Google analytics code
  • use font meta tag only when there are Google fonts
  • fixed bug where deleting a module required first deleting its scripts

2019.12.19 · 2.1.1

  • fix for bug where deleting a page required deleting each module in the page

2019.12.14 · 2.1.0

  • added help content
  • /admin lands on help content by default
  • add French help tips
  • changed the “save” button color to distinguish it from “delete”
  • fixed a couple of typos in the Cloud pages
  • changed the “Links” folder to “links”
  • added a field in Language for a flag emoji
  • added language localization to the Mac sync script
  • fixed a bug where deleting a module would delete all pages using it (!)
  • added “author” field to notes

2019.12.09 · 2.0.19

  • fix for bug where deleting a page required deleting each SVG in the page

2019.11.08 · 2.0.18

  • finished process of moving menus to modules

2019.11.05 · 2.0.17

  • menus, header & footer attributed in prefix settings (will replace menus)
  • various DB mods that will be used for 2.0.19

2019.11.04 · 2.0.16

  • fixed bug where cache was impossible to empty
  • permit uploaded scripts in sync folder
  • allow spaces in svg filenames
  • oversized SVG’s are reduced to the specified page width

2019.10.22 · 2.0.13/14/15

  • fixed a bug that kept asking people if they accepted cookies

2019-10.18 · 2.0.12

  • improved initial page display (page is scrolled to correct position before content is shown)

2019-10.16 · 2.0.11

  • bug fix: incorrect scrolling on Android phones (Chrome mobile)

2019-09.15 · 2.0.10

  • fixed that a 404 error on mobile results in 500 error
  • enabled multiple site settings with an “active” setting
  • made site settings caching values visible on parent settings page
  • moved “scripts” out of the site and into the application
  • added a library of useful scripts that can be included with each page
  • fixed a problem where fonts were not added to db
  • added rich text notes pages to /admin
  • fixed that a missing svg file causes a 500 error instead of 404

2019-07.07 · 2.0.9

  • made site settings caching values visible on parent settings page
  • fixed a problem where svg fonts were not added to the fonts table

2019-07-04 · 2.0.8

  • emergency fix for broken email forms

2019-06-25 · 2.0.7

  • added two flags in site settings: cache for admins & clear cache with next visitor
  •  “clear=cache&flag=sld” has been removed as a way to clear the cache
  • pages can have inactive svg’s, which is useful for special events etc.
  • the responsive › source directory has been shortened to exclude the invariable part of the path
  • pages are no longer required to have a menu
  • urls.py and setup.py file have been greatly simplified

2019-06-20 · 2.0.6

  • pages are no longer required to have a menu
  • remove 404 page from SEO & sitemap
  • moved Svija to Github

2019-06-12 · 2.0.5

  • 301 URL redirects to pages or sites
  • moved font CSS from uploaded files to Cloud page
  • partially automatic font CSS generation
  • easy use of Google fonts
  • Svija is now a Django app that can be installed 

2019-04-07 · 2.0.4

  • custom margins & page dimensions per page
  • automatically display pages /en/ and /en/home as / (and /fr/accueil as /fr/
  • add “clear=cache&flag=sld” to any url to bypass caching
  • added error404 page so 404 pages will be built in SVG as well
  • field for Google Maps API key in site settings
  • added filters to Cloud list views to (greatly) simplify administrative tasks
  • ability to activate & deactivate scripts easily for debugging purposes

2019-01-30 · 2.0.3

  • ability to modify load order of page & menu scripts
  • add template column to list of pages
  • enabled “save as” of all elements to make copying possible
  • moved some remaining email settings from site settings to language settings
  • deleted deprecated fields from v2.0.2

2019-01-22 · 2.0.2

  • completed moving some elements from global settings to language settings where appropriate (email messages, alerts etc.)
  • enabled Django file caching, making Svija sites at least two orders of magnitude faster to load and reducing server strain
  • changed structure of extra page & menu scripts to make organization much easier. Unlimited quantities of scripts are now possible, each with its own label
  • moved some scripts to external files to facilitate caching and accelerate page load times
  • changed order of CSS/HTML/JS on page admin to make it more logical
  • moved Cloud accessibility/SEO text to make it more visible
  • fix template error that caused duplicate javascript in page header
  • fixed bug/unfinished program that prevented pages from being able to work with languages other than French

2018-11-12 · 2.0.1

  • Ai documents containing a layer of format id mysvgid will cause the embedded SVG to have the specified ID. Note that there is a space not an equals sign between id and mysvgid.
  • added version number to top right corner of Cloud page
  • fixed capitalization of JS and CSS in menu settings
  • where creation dates are required, they are supplied automatically
  • creation dates are given on page list and site settings list
  • contact form information is now associated with each language (but is not yet taken into account)

2018.08.03 · 2.0.0

  • moved from Apache to Django
  • databases are now used for most non-page-content information
  • many other changes

2018.05.14 · 1.9.3

  • renamed sync_exclude to sync.xcl for coherence with sync.sh

Previous versions were written in Python on Apache without a database.

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