Using Svija on a PC internal

Updated 18 January, 2021

Using Svija on a PC

This page is not up to date. Please contact Svija directly for information on using Svija with a PC.

Using a PC with Svija is possible; you will update your site with an FTP client. Any FTP client will work.

If you’d like to do this, please use the contact page to request that your site be configured correctly.

It is not currently possible to maintain a site using both Svija Sync and FTP.

Request the installer

The installer is part of a DMG file that is not openable on PC

For PC use, please email contact (a) svija.love and we’ll send the Svija Tools package to you.

Install the Scripts and Templates

You will need to manually move the downloaded files into the Adobe Illustrator folder in Program Files.

Install the ActionScripts:

  • move the contents of my-site-master/Scripts to
  • Adobe Illustrator 2021/Presets/en_US/Scripts

Install the Templates:

  • move the contents of my-site-master/Templates to
  • Adobe Illustrator 2021/Cool Extras/en_US/Scripts

It may be necessary to restart Adobe Illustrator for the scripts to become available.

The FTP Client

Any FTP client will work.

If you do not already have a preferred FTP client, FileZilla is a free program that works well with Svija:

Configure your FTP client using the FTP credentials included in the email you got from Svija (three lines of red text):

  • protocol: SFTP
  • port: 22

The Folder Hierarchy

Svija depends on the folder hierarchy being correct on your computer:

Site Folder (any name you like)
└─ sync
├─ admin
├─ desktop
│ ├─ home_en.ai
│ ├─ home_en.svg
 │ ├─ ⋮
│ └─ links
│ ├─ placed-image1.jpg
│ └─ placed-image2.jpg
├─ fonts
├─ images
├─ mobile
 │ ├─ home_en.ai
│ ├─ home_en.svg
 │ ├─ ⋮
│ └─ links
│ ├─ placed-image1.jpg
│ └─ placed-image2.jpg
└─ scripts

You can modify the contents of these folders as you like, but the names must stay the same.

You will be working with the Adobe Illustrator documents (.ai); the SVG files are created automatically and should not be opened.

Any images used in your pages must be in the appropriate links folder (desktop or mobile).

The First Synchronization

  • in your FTP client, drag all the folders from the right pane to the left pane (from the server to your computer)

You can now modify the Adobe Illustrator files in sync/desktop and sync/mobile.

When you want to update your site, just synchronize the two panes of your FTP client.

If you are using FileZilla, you can just double-click the folders whose contents you have modified.

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