Using Gmail to send Email

Updated 3 September, 2020

Using Gmail to send Email

To send email from a Svija site, go to the Site Settings in the admin pages:


Click on the name of your site, and then MAIL PARAMETERS (SHOW). You’ll see the following settings:

  • Username for sending email
  • Password for sending email
  • Server for sending email
  • Email server port
  • Use TLS

You can use any Gmail account for these settings. To get started, visit:


Under Security › Signing in to Google enable 2-Step Authentification.

Then visit Security › Signing in to Google › App Passwords. This won’t be visible until 2-Step Authentification is turned on.

Click the link that says Select the app and device you want to generate the app password for.

Under Select app, choose Other (custom name) and enter the name of your site. The exact details aren’t important — it’s just a reminder for future reference.

The password will appear in the following format:

lkdu euqg beim eijw

Copy this password and paste it into your site settings under Password for sending email (the spaces will disappear).

Fill in the other settings as follows:

  • Username for sending email: the full gmail address
  • Password for sending email: the Google app password
  • Server for sending email: smtp.gmail.com
  • Email server port: 587
  • Use TLS: check this box

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