Installing the Programs

Svija is Two Programs:

  1. Svija Sync is a Mac app that synchronizes your computer and your site
  2. Svija Tools is an Adobe Illustrator extension that saves your files as SVG pages

1. Svija Sync: the Mac App Store

Click on this logo to be taken to the Svija Sync page in the Mac App Store:

2. Svija Tools: the Svija Store

[ how-to video on Youtube ] Click on this logo to download Svija Tools from the Svija Store:

Open the DMG file

If Svija Tools.dmg did not open automatically, open it:

Copy the Svija Tools folder from the left side, then open Extensions and paste the folder.

You’ve installed Svija Sync and Svija Tools!

Pages in this section:

  1. Installing the Programs
  2. Downloading Your Website
  3. Changing the Text on a Page
  4. Start with an Existing Page

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