Downloading Your Website

Before Continuing…

  • open the email you received with your login information

Launch Svija Sync

To get started, launch Svija Sync in your applications.

Once it’s running, click to configure your website:

This will take you to the Preferences screen:

Fill out the four fields:

  • Nickname will show who’s worked on your website.
  • Enter your first name or the name of a computer (if you’ll be using more than one).

Copy and paste the URL, Connect ID and Password from the email you received.

When you’re done, click Add. You’ll be asked to choose a project folder where your website will live:

Create a new project folder with name of your website (e.g. example.svija.site). You can always change it later.

The project folder will contain a special folder called sync that is synchronized with the server.

It can also contain anything else you want:

  • Photoshop source files
  • notes
  • drafts of unused pages
  • different versions of your content

Only the sync folder will be synchronized with the server. Other files and folders are there for your convenience.

Click Done when you’ve finished selecting the project folder.

Downloading Your Website Files

The first time you launch Svija Sync, you’ll download all your website files. Click Download to get started.

Downloading might take a few minutes to finish, depending on your connection:

If you get interrupted or need to leave, don’t worry. You can come back and resume when you’re ready.

What Was Downloaded?

If you open your project folder in the Finder, you’ll see that it now contains a folder called sync.

sync contains the following files and subfolders:

  • blank page.ait: an Illustrator template for creating new pages
  • home.ai: the Illustrator file for your home page
  • Links: images placed in the home page
  • Svija: fonts, SVG files, and other files used by Svija
  • Website: additional website pages (see read me.txt inside the folder)

What Next?

You now have everything you need to start working — to modify a page, continue to Changing the Text on a Page.

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