Changing the Text on a Page

Starting a Design Session

Launch Svija Sync and click Upload. Svija Sync will synchronize your website until you click pause:

Next, click on the Admin icon and sign in with the information in the email you received.

Changes to your website are only visible if you’re signed in, but you can close the browser window.

Clicking the Cache button in Svija Sync will make changes visible to everyone (they’ll become public automatically after about 24 hours).

Editing the Home Page

Click on the Folder icon in Svija sync to show the home page Illustrator file:

Open home.ai with Adobe Illustrator.

The Layers Panel

To change the home page, you’ll need to open the Layers Panel under the Window menu.

You’ll see that the layers are color-coded (from top to bottom):

Unlock the bottom-most green layer, then click on it to make it active.

Change Something on the Page

Change anything you want — some words in the title, for example.

Opening Svija Tools

You’ll use Svija Tools to save the page for your website:

Click the Save button to save your page:

This will save the Illustrator file and the SVG file. Both will automatically be uploaded by Svija Sync.

Was the Website Updated?

Go back to your browser and refresh the page. You should see the changes that you made in Illustrator.

If the changes were not made:

  1. you need to wait a few seconds due to connection speed
  2. you are not successfully signed in to Svija Admin at yoursite.com/a

To check:

  • visit a different website to make sure your internet connection is working
  • click on the Admin icon in Svija Sync to verify that you are still signed in to Svija Admin

Ending the Session

To end the design session, simply go back to Svija Sync and click Pause:

You’ve successfully modified your website!

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