Quick Start 1.1 · Svija Sync · 2 minutes

Updated 16 July, 2020

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Quick Start 1.1 · Svija Sync · 2 minutes


Note: to see site modifications in real time, you must be signed in as an admin: yoursite.com/a

Svija Sync is a script: a small application that only does one thing.

As long as it’s running, it synchronizes your website with your computer.

You can also use it to download the complete set of files needed to work on your website.

Short Version

For experienced users; see below for a more complete description.
*An asterisk indicates that you may see a security alert for this step.

Download Svija Sync via this link.

Create a work folder and put Svija Sync.command 0.0.0.txt in it.

Open the file and replace the single “x” with the three lines of red text in the email you got from Svija :


Then rename the script:* 

sync.command 0.0.0-fr.txt   becomes

Click twice on Svija Sync.command to start the script.*

The first time you run it, choose Download.*

The script will download all the files for you site into a new folder called “sync”, in the same place as Svija Sync.

Complete Version

Download Svija Sync

Download this .zip file, or:

  1. visit github.com/svijasvg/svija-sync
  2. click on  Code (green button)
  3. choose Download ZIP

Open the downloaded ZIP file (if it didn’t happen automatically).

Move Svija Sync

  1. Create a work folder for your new website
  2. Drag Svija Sync.command 0.0.0.txt into the folder
  3. Put the other files in the trash.

Configure Svija Sync

On your computer:

Double click Svija Sync.comand 0.0.0.txt to open it in TextEdit.

Look for the single “x” on the fourth line of text:


Replace the single “x” with the three lines of red text in the email you received from Svija:


Close the file, then rename it to remove the part after .command:

Svija Sync.command 0.0.0.txt   becomes
Svija Sync.command

You may see the following warning:


Click “Use .command”.

Changing the filename extension means that the next time the file is opened, it will be launched as an application rather than opened as a text file.

Launch Svija Sync

Double click Svija Sync.command to launch it.

If you do not see the following warning, you can skip the next step:


To continue, go in to System Preferences › Security & Privacy › General:


Click “Open Anyway”

The script should launch normally, and you will be asked for your name:


Enter Your First Name

The name is used to show your collaborators who last worked on your site:


The Instruction Screen

You will then be presented with the instructions:


Press D for Download

The first time you connect to your website, your computer will ask you to accept its authenticity.

You’ll see the following message:

The authenticitiy of host name & IP of your site can't be established...
ECDSA key fingerprint is SHA256:lkjdqmlfkjqsdf098sdflkj...
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?

You must type “yes” then return (not just y).

The application will then download your site files in a new folder called “sync” in the same folder as Svija Sync:

  • admin: logo and colors for Svija Admin
  • desktop: site content, desktop version
  • fonts: necessary fonts
  • images: favicon, Apple touch icon & homepage capture
  • mobile: site content, mobile versionmobile
  • scripts: scripts used for animations and special effects

Continue the tutorial: Svija Tools.

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