Installing Svija on a Mac

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Installing Svija on a Mac


Download the installation files from this link:


If the ZIP file was not automatically expanded, double-click to expand it.

Configure Illustrator

You will need your computer password as you install Svija.

  1. open the Applications folder in the Finder and move the pink and violet files
  2. in Adobe Illustrator, open the Actions Panel and click the top right corner as shown in blue
folder hierarchy 04_only

Configure Svija Sync

There are two steps to configuring Svija Sync:

  1. open Svija Sync 1.1.5.command.txt and replace the x with the red login info from the Svija email you received
  2. save it and rename to Svija Sync 1.1.5.command
svija sync 02_only

What Next?

Svija installation is complete – to get started using it, click here!

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