Quick Start 1.2 · Svija Tools · 1 minute

Updated 23 July, 2020

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Quick Start 1.2 · Svija Tools · 1 minute

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Svija Tools is comprised of one Adobe Illustrator template:

  • Svija Page.ait: an empty document with the correct page formats, guides and other useful information

Two scripts for Adobe Illustrator:

  • cmd-F1: Save All as SVG: saves all open documents in SVG format
  • cmd-F2: Propagate Unlocked Layers: copies all unlocked layers from the active document to other open documents

And one set of Illustrator Actions to enable the keyboard shortcuts:

  • Svija Actions enables cmd-F1 and cmd-F2

The template is useful in the creation of new Svija pages.

The two scripts make life much easier when working with groups of documents in Adobe Illustrator.

Short Version

For experienced users; see below for a more complete description.

Download Svija Tools via this link.

In the Presets folder:

In Presets, open Save All as SVG · ⌘F1.jsx with TextEdit and update the version of Adobe Illustrator.

Drag the two scripts with English names into the following folder:

Applications/Adobe Illustrator XXXX/Presets/en_US/Scripts

In the Cool Extras folder:

Drag Svija Page.ait into the following folder:

Applications/Adobe Illustrator XXXX/Cool Extras/en_US/Templates

In the Actions Panel folder:

Start Illustrator then add Svija Actions EN from the flyout menu in the Actions panel: Load Actions…

Restart Adobe Illustrator.

Complete Version

Download Svija Tools

Download this .zip file, or

  1. navigate to github.com/svijasvg/svija-tools
  2. click on Code (green button)
  3. choose Download ZIP

Open the downloaded ZIP file if it didn’t open automatically.

Configure Illustrator Version

(In “Presets”) Open the script Save All as SVG with TextEdit and update the version of Adobe Illustrator.

You can enter a version between 8-17 or enter 0 to configure the version automatically.

Choosing the version is useful if you will be working with people with different versions of Illustrator than your own.

Install Svija Scripts & Template

To install the scripts:

  1. open your Applications folder
  2. open the folder Adobe Illustrator › Presets › en_US › Scripts
  3. drag the English .jsx files you downloaded into the Scripts folder.

To install the template:

  1. open your Applications folder
  2. open the folder Adobe Illustrator › Cool Extras › en_US › Templates
  3. drag Svija Page.ait into the folder.

Restart Adobe Illustrator.

Install Svija Actions

Svija Actions adds keyboard shortcuts to the two scripts:

  • cmd-F1: Save All as SVG
  • cmd-F2: Propagate Unlocked Layers

If you don’t use keyboard shortcuts, you don’t need to install the Actions.

Installing the Actions:

  • open the Actions panel (under the menu Window)
  • click in the top right corner to get the panel menu
  • choose Load Actions…
  • select the downloaded actions file (Svija Actions EN.aia)

Accessing Svija Tools

You can now use the scripts and template from within Illustrator.

  • cmd-F1 · Save All as SVG
  • cmd-F2 · Propagate Unlocked Layers
  • cmd-shift-N · New File from Template

If you did not install Svija Actions or prefer menus, you’ll find the scripts under the menu File › Scripts.

The template is available under the menu File › New from Template…

Using “Save All as SVG”

This script saves all open documents in SVG format, with the necessary options for display in a Svija web page.

You will be asked to select the “links” folder, where linked images are stored for each page.

Using “Propagate Unlocked Layers”

This script copies all unlocked layers from the frontmost document to all other open documents.

For example, if there’s a decorative element on one page, and you’d like to use it on other pages, you can unlock the layer of the element then activate the script.

Any existing layers with the same layer names will be overwritten.

However, since changes are not immediately saved, you can always use command-Z or the File › Revert option to revert your documents to their previous states.

Using the Svija Template

In Adobe Illustrator, type cmd-shift N, or go to the menu item:

  • File › New from Template…

Choose Svija Page.ait.

Go to the menu item Window › Layers.

You will see a list of layers. The two lowest layers, in italic, are:

  • mobile 420px
  • desktop 1680px

These layers contain information about responsive formats and margin guides to help you place elements on the page.

Continue the tutorial: font installation.

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