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Modifying Your Site

This page will explain how to modify the pages of your website.

To start, it is necessary to sign in as an administrator:


A Svija page contains several elements:

  • an HTML frame
  • the main SVG file
  • an SVG menu
  • an SVG footer

Rather than reassembling all these elements for each visitor, the pages are stored in their final composite form. This is called a caching system.

To work with the site in real time, it is necessary to bypass the cache. Otherwise modifications may not become visible online for up to 24 hours.

To bypass the cache, simply sign in to Svija Admin:


The login credentials were sent to you by email:


As long as you are signed in as an administrator, you are sure to see the latest version of all your website content.

Launch Svija Sync

  • Click twice on Svija Sync.command to launch it
  • Choose U (upload)

You will see a series of small vertical bars, which appear every five seconds, at the end of each synchronization.

To exit, just press “x”.


Modify an Illustrator file

  • go to sync/desktop
  • open accueil-fr.ai
  • open the layers panel (Window › Layers)
  • unlock a layer (padlock icon)

Modify any object on the unlocked layer (preferably an object where the modification will be obvious).

Export the file as SVG

To save your changes, go to the menu:

  • File › Scripts › Save All as SVG

You will be asked to select the “links” folder, in the same folder as the document you have open.

Click on “Open”:


You will be presented with a choice of whether or not to save all open documents.

You will also see the version of Adobe Illustrator that you entered during the installation of Svija Tools:


Svija Tools will export all open documents in format SVG.

Usually the process takes only a couple of seconds, but if your pages are complex or you have many open documents it may take up to a minute.

When the export is complete you will be asked whether or not to reopen the documents you were working on:


Verify the Modification

Reload the web page you just modified: you’ll see that it was updated in realtime.

It didn’t work!

If your page was not updated, verify the following:

  • you are looking at the correct page: sync/desktop contains the version that you’ll see in a “landscape” window, and mobile contains the version that you’ll see in a very narrow window or on a telephone
  • the “sync” folder containing the Illustrator file is in the same folder as Svija Sync.command
  • you are signed in to yoursite.com/a
  • there is no error displayed in Svija Sync. If you see an error, press cmd-shift-3 to take a screen capture and send it to contact@svija.com for help.

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