Understanding the Cache

Your website is fast because the pages are kept in an already-assembled state.

  • visitors see the fast, already-assembled version
  • logged-in administrators see a fresh version every time

The cached version (already assembled) is refreshed after about 24 hours. To make changes visible immediately, click the Cache icon:

Or click CLEAR CACHE in Svija Admin:

The first time a page is visited, the parts are assembled by the server:

  • the page itself
  • header and footer modules etc.
  • any scripts that are included
  • font information

Because a page can have many parts, this takes time.

In order to avoid extra work, the fully-constructed version is stored in a special folder called the cache.

This way, when other visitors arrive on your website, the server can deliver the ready-to-go version in the cache folder. For a single page, the time savings is small, but for many visitors the savings is enormous.

If you are connected to Svija Admin, the page is freshly constructed every time you visit it.

When You Change the Page

Even if you change a page on your website, the previous version is still stored in the cache folder.

This means that visitors will not immediately see your changes.

Versions in the cache folder are deleted after 24 hours. After that time, your changes will be visible to everyone.

Emptying the Cache Folder

You can manually empty the cache folder at any time:

  • by clicking the Cache icon in Svija Sync
  • by clicking CLEAR CACHE in the header in Svija Admin

When you clear the cache, your visitors will immediately see the most recent version of every page of your website.

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