Next Steps

These informational pages will show you how to do most basic tasks with Svija.

The Basics

  1. Add a New Image
  2. Copying a Page
  3. Understanding the Cache
  4. Organizing Files

The Programs

  1. Svija Sync
  2. Svija Tools
  3. Svija Admin

Using Fonts

  1. How Fonts Work
  2. Google Fonts
  3. TTF & OTF Fonts


  1. How Links Work
  2. Organizing Links

Using Images

  1. A Folder Called Links
  2. Pixel Images
  3. Vector Images
  4. Embedded Images

Working with Pages·

  1. Creating Pages·
  2. Add a New Page·
  3. Page Sizes·

Using Modules·

  1. What’s a Module?
  2. Module Formats·
  3. Add a New Module·
  4. Display a Module·
  5. Position a Module·

Supporting Different Screen Sizes·

  1. Computer vs. Mobile·
  2. Folder Organization·

Unsupported Techniques & Workarounds·

  1. The Mesh Tool·
  2. Freeform Gradients·
  3. Layer Blending Modes·
  4. Effect › Stylize·
  5. Gradient Midpoints·
  6. The Text Panel·
  7. Transparent Gradients in Placed Files·
  8. Links in Placed Files·

FAQ · Frequent Issues

A list of the most frequent issues encountered by people discovering Svija.

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