Next Steps

These informational pages will show you how to do most basic tasks with Svija.

The Basics

  1. Add a New Image
  2. Copying a Page
  3. Understanding the Cache
  4. Organizing Files
  5. Changing Your Website Address

The Programs

  1. Svija Sync
  2. Svija Tools
  3. Svija Admin

Using Fonts

  1. How Fonts Work
  2. Google Fonts
  3. TTF & OTF Fonts


  1. How Links Work
  2. Organizing Links

Using Images

  1. A Folder Called Links
  2. Pixel Images
  3. Vector Images
  4. Embedded Images

Working with Pages·

  1. Creating Pages·
  2. Add a New Page·
  3. Page Sizes·

Using Modules·

  1. What’s a Module?
  2. Module Formats·
  3. Add a New Module·
  4. Display a Module·
  5. Position a Module·

Using Display P3 Color

  1. Using P3 Color in Illustrator·
  2. Using P3 Color with Bitmapped Images·

Supporting Different Screen Sizes·

  1. Computer vs. Mobile·
  2. Folder Organization·

Unsupported Techniques & Workarounds·

  1. The Mesh Tool·
  2. Freeform Gradients·
  3. Layer Blending Modes·
  4. Effect › Stylize·
  5. Gradient Midpoints·
  6. The Text Panel·
  7. Transparent Gradients in Placed Files·
  8. Links in Placed Files·

FAQ · Frequent Issues

A list of the most frequent issues encountered by people discovering Svija.

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