How It Works

Svija is three simple programs that work together to let you spend your time designing:

1. During each design session, Svija Sync or WinSCP is running in the background to keep your website up-to-date.

2. You create in Adobe Illustrator, and save your work with the Svija Tools panel.

3. When you’ve finished working, you simply pause or quit Svija Sync.

And Also…

In addition to the creative workflow Svija includes:

  • Svija Cloud · manage pages, titles, SEO etc. via a web interface
  • Svija Vibe · animate your pages simply by naming objects in Illustrator

And Lastly…

Svija uses Illustrator layers to generate the pages of your site and to provide useful information.

To open the Layers panel, go to menu Window › Layers:

To use the panel, it’s necessary to understand the three icons along the left side of the panel:

  • eye: make the layer visible
  • padlock: lock (protect) the layer
  • arrow › : show the layer’s contents

Your website will reflect the layer options:

  • A hidden layer will be hidden on the final page
  • A template layer (name in italics) will not be included in the final page

Now that you understand how Svija works, continue to Installing Svija.

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