What is Svija?

Svija is a set of tools you can use to construct your website entirely in Adobe Illustrator.

Our goal is to make HTML-based sites feel:

  • boring
  • small
  • unfinished

Scripts for Illustrator

  • share common symbols, paragraph styles and character styles between documents
  • easily share common layers between different Illustrator documents
  • export Illustrator documents automatically to update your website

Django Program to Serve Your Site

  • you keep a single folder synchronized between your hard drive and the server
  • Svija automatically updates your site when you modify the Illustrator file
  • easily change titles, activate pages and change search engine information online

Responsive Design

  • high-resolution (retina on desktop) display in landscape format
  • lower-resolution (retina on telephone) display in portrait format
  • easily add any other responsive categories you want

Multi-Language Support

  • add as many languages as you like
  • English pages will be at /en/pagename, French pages at /fr/pagename
  • mobile (portrait) pages will be at /em/ or /fm/ (you can choose what you like)

Pages Display Identically in All Modern Browsers

  • displays identically in all browsers released since 2013
  • no more spending hours or days perfecting your CSS
  • no more testing in different browsers

Live Website Updating

  • use the included scripts to mirror your local Illustrator folder
  • changes in your Illustrator documents are visible on your website 10 seconds later.

Animation with GSAP

  • animate any page elements you like
  • menus, mouseovers, onscroll etc.

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