About Svija

Svija came about because I used to build websites in Flash.

The last real website I built in Flash was in 2005. After that I wasn’t looking for clients and didn’t need a good site of my own.

Fast forward to 2014, when I needed to look for clients and wanted to build the best site I possibly could.

Having built sites in Flash, I was used to being able to do anything… vectors, animation, etc.

But in 2014, Flash was almost dead.

I just hated the idea of building serious websites in HTML.

HTML is fundamentally suited to displaying text documents. Everything else is tacked on.

Too much time is wasted on cross-browser issues.

Things that were trivially easy in Adobe Illustrator in 1993 (I started with Version 5) are still difficult or impossible in HTML.

SVG seemed like the main alternative. It was the closest to what I had been doing in Flash and was supported by all major browsers.

Coincidentally, Adobe Illustrator has excellent support for SVG.

At first, I just built HTML pages with big SVG images included as images or objects. There were problems:

  • When SVG is used in an <img> tag, Webkit-based browsers don’t display embedded JPG images.
  • When SVG is used in an <object> tag, all communication is cut off with the rest of the page.

So no interactivity.

The easiest way to use SVG turned out to be including the SVG code directly in the web page, in an <svg> tag.

After building a few sites with multiple SVG images, it turned out to be easier just to build the whole page as a single SVG.

That is Svija.

— Andy Swift, founder

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